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Obesity in Black America is not a lost cause

NNPA NEWSWIRE — From a lack of access to quality treatment to the removal of anti-obesity drugs from Medicare and most Medicaid and general insurance coverage, our healthcare system values the well-being of Black Americans. And we've learned from experience that until we make our voices known, this catastrophe will be ignored.

Stop talking, start governing, Mr. Mayor-elect

By Clarence Page A severe lock-them up, the rule of law approach has its place, yet so does the assistance, summer occupations approach that handles...



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Victims of violence are remembered at the ‘Never Forget Chicago’ event

CHICAGO— Never Forget Chicago founder Maxwell Emcays gathered at least 500 families at the Daley Center in downtown Chicago to remember and honour more than 2,000 victims of violence.


Part II: Reparations – Payment and Amounts

For most Dark Americans, the subject of compensations doesn't involve should the US pay harms done

Lessons from our 2009 interview with Harry Belafonte

At the point when it came to the progression of Individuals of color, Harry Belafonte was a lion. Companions and admirers communicated that feeling and...

Why Black Women Can Enjoy Being Single: 5 Reasons

There's nothing wrong with being single if you're not quite ready to date.

“The Renaissance of Black Visual Arts”

On the off chance that you request a huge number from Individuals of color to name a craftsman, by far most of the time...

Let’s Get a Few Things Understood

When life sends you a curve ball



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